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Why do I have to pay a registration fee on my manufactured home?
Manufactured home registration fees are required by Alabama State Law, Code of Alabama, Section 40-12-255 and 40-7-1.
When are manufactured home registrations due?
Registrations are due each year during October and November.
Where do I go to register my manufactured home?
You go to the Real Estate Office at the Blount County Courthouse in Oneonta.
How much is the registration fee?
It depends on the age and size.  A new single wide that is owner occupied costs $24 plus $5 for the decal.  A new double wide that is owner occupied costs $48 plus $5 for the decal.  There is a $10.00 delinquent penalty if not registered by November 30th.
Do people over age 65 or disabled receive an exemption?
Yes.  In either case you are exempt from the registration fees and only pay $5.00 for the decal.  However, if the decal is not purchased by November 30th you must pay the full registration fee.
I received a citation because I didn’t register.  How much is that going to cost?
If a citation is paid within 15 days of the date it was issued, the cost is $15.00.  If it is paid after the 15 days it costs $39.00.  These amounts are in addition to the registration fees and delinquent penalties.
I didn’t put the decal on my manufactured home and the license inspector issued a citation.  Do I still have to pay the citation fee?
Yes, failure to display the decal is a violation of state law.
Where do I put the decal?
State law specifies the decal should be displayed on the right side facing the street, so as to be clearly visible from the street.
What happens if I don’t pay the citation and registration fees?
Failure to comply with state law, Section 40-12-255 and 40-7-1 is punishable by arrest and conviction for a Class C Misdemeanor.


License Inspector phone:  205-625-6868  Ext 3062.


Mailing address:


License Inspector
Blount County, Alabama
220 2nd Avenue East
Oneonta, AL  35121

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