When do I renew my Tag?

You are required to renew your tag annually, during the month from the following chart. Motor Vehicle renewal months in Alabama are based upon the first letter of the registrant’s last name. The following chart is used for determining which month to register:

Last Name Begins With: Month Last Name Begins With: Month

A,D January     P,L July

B February       J,K,R August

C,E March         S,T,Q September

F,G,N April        U,V,W,X,Y,Z October

H,O May

M,I June

Will I get a reminder notice when my tag is due?

Yes. This courtesy notice is generally mailed around the first of the month. Again, this is a courtesy notice (reminder) and not a bill. Just because you do not receive a notice, does not mean that your tag is not due to be renewed. This office will mail over 68,000 notices a year and cannot be responsible for every registrant receiving his/her notice. These renewal notices are based on last years registrations, therefore you may receive a notice on a vehicle you no longer own.

Can I renew my tag by mail?

Yes, by including the $1.00 mail fee, we will mail your decals, plate and receipt the day after receiving your payment. However, a person must mail the payment no later than the 25th of the month, this will ensure processing before the last day of the month.

Can I renew my tag over the Internet?

If you are simply renewing an existing tag, the answer is yes. Follow the instructions on the “Renew Car Tag” button found at the top of this Web Page. Any transactions other than renewals must be done in person at the Tag Department in the Courthouse or the Hayden Annex.

What are the charges for renewing by Internet?

Blount County does not charge anything for you to renew on-line. However, our partner in providing this service, IMS, receives a $3.50 per tag convenience fee. We chose to work with IMS because they did not require an ‘up front’ investment by the Revenue Commission to initiate this service. Therefore, the County was not spending thousands of dollars on a new technology that had yet to prove itself, and now that it has proven successful, we are even more pleased with our partnership with IMS.

How am I “saving time and money” by renewing online?

First of all, for anyone renewing on-line, we have waived the mail fee. Also, if you live out in the rural area of Blount County, it costs you to drive to the Courthouse. Finally, most of you lead very busy lives, and your time is valuable, we hope to save you time so you can do other things.

What kind of tags are available for purchase?

There are currently close to 200 different tag types. To see a picture of some of those available, click here: Alabama Tag Photos.

How do I know what type of tag to buy for my RV or big truck?

Certain big truck tags and motor home home tags are sold based on their gross vehicle weight, you need to know what this weight is when buying your tag.

Is there a penalty for registering late?

Yes. Beginning the first day of the following month, the penalty is $15.00.

Why is a drivers license number required when renewing a tag?

The Mandatory Insurance Law, passed by the Alabama Legislature requires that each person buying his/her tag, furnish the licensing official with their drivers license number and state, or either an identification card furnished by The Department Of Public Safety.

When did the liability insurance requirements become effective in Alabama? 

The provisions of Act 2000-554 requiring minimum liability insurance coverage for motor vehicles became effective on June 1, 2000. Of the 51 jurisdictions in the United States, 48 of them have minimum insurance requirements.

What are the minimum liability insurance requirements?

Please check the most recent changes in Alabama Law by using the link to the Alabama Legislature.

What if a person does not have a drivers license?

The owner must provide a driver’s license number or non-driver’s identification number, or FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number) if the owner is a company. If the owner does not provide one of these numbers, the Revenue Commissioner is required by law to refuse to process the registration.

If someone comes to the Courthouse to buy my tag, whose driver’s license number will be used?

The driver’s license number of the car/truck owner is the one required.

Are churches required to give the county an identifying number?

Yes. All churches are required to have an FEIN, which will be required when registering vehicles.

Are volunteer fire departments exempt from insurance?

No, and they must have an FEIN.

If I am getting a Handicap Placard, will I need a driver’s license number?


If I am buying a tag for a trailer, will I need a driver’s license number?

No, the law designed only for “self-propelled’ motor vehicles.

Are motorcycles subject to the Mandatory Insurance Law?


If I serve in the military, am I exempt from the Mandatory Insurance requirement?

No. Military personnel follow the same requirements.


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